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Mavic® Trans-Provence 2015 event will take place from Saturday 20th June - Saturday 27th June 2015. The racing takes place from Sunday 21st June - Friday 26th June 2015, inclusive.


The 2015 package price is €1595. For this you get the experience of a lifetime, consisting of:

  • Airport transfers to the start and from the end of the event
  • A fully signed 6-day route which passes through a huge variety of different landscapes and contains more singletrack than any other 6-day MTB event. 
  • Detailed route description booklet 
  • Groundbreaking multi-timed-stage-per-day format which creates excitement, but equally a friendly and sociable rally-style ambience.
  • Vehicle uplifts each morning to the trailhead (intended to maximise the quantity of singletrack we are able to cover daily, not make the route "easier")
  • Use of the Mavic® Trans-Provence event standard 1-man tent and thick air mattress
  • Use of all campsite facilities at the quality sites at which our nightly camps are located
  • Transportation of your kit bag --clothing and bike equipment-- from one camp to the next (i.e. your stuff will be waiting for you when you arrive at camp each afternoon).
  • Break-down, transportation and set-up of your tent and air mattress, from one camp to the next (i.e. your tent will already be set up when you arrive at camp each afternoon)
  • 3 meals prepared for you each day: breakfast, lunch (+ free-choice feeding station salads & snacks) and dinner (with wine) cooked by the best catering team in the MTB holiday/event business
  • Snacks and rehydration on arrival at camp
  • Care and attention from professional medical staff, where necessary
  • Neutral technical support (+ emergency parts) from a team of pro mechanics, courtesy of MAVIC
  • Suspension support (forks and rear shocks)
  • 2015 Trans-Provence event T-shirt
  • Final night restaurant meal & evening party, overlooking the Mediterranean coast

The price does not include flights, bottled/canned drinks or sports massage therapy.


We will be accepting entry applications from exactly 00:00:00 (Central European Time) at the beginning of Saturday 1st November 2014. Entry application will be open for exactly 48 hours. 

For our 2015 race, 80 places will be allotted on the following basis:

  • 55 places for application forms which have been randomly selected after passing an initial screening;
  • 10 places for application forms which we regard as being the best filled out;
  • 15 places for pre-reservation by professional mountain biking teams.

To apply for entry to Mavic® Trans-Provence 2015, please carry out the following steps:

1) Download our 2015 entry application form from here

2) Fill out the form, preferably using a computer. Please respect the word limit on the given questions. 

PLEASE NOTE: if you are having difficulties filling out the drop-down options our form, please check the "form" settings on your computer. This can often be an issue with Apple computers (so it's worth trying with a PC if you can). If all else fails, please print out the form, fill it out in pen, and then scan & email it to us on November 1st. This will NOT reduce your chances of being accepted for our 2015 race! 

3) From 00:00:00 (Central European Time) at the beginning of Saturday 1st November 2014, send your completed form by email to Please don't include more than a very short covering note; the content of your covering note will not "make or break" your chances of being accepted.

4) Please wait patiently (please don't email to ask if we've received your email). We will inform each applicant on Wednesday 5th November 2014 regarding whether they have been successful in obtaining an entry to the 2015 race.

Are you worried about missing out on a place? Ride the Trans-Provence itinerary in an untimed and relaxed atmosphere, on one of our guided trail weeks.

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